Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Collection Tuesday -Vintage Folk Art on Wood

Hello again :) It is day 2 of collection sharing week via Pixies and Bears.  I really like it, because it gives me a perfectly good excuse to procrastinate doing my homework! Today's collection is my little decorative wood pictures that I have only been collecting for mostly this past summer (other than a couple pieces.)  I got most of these from various Goodwills in the areaI haven't even hung them yet! I think they're pretty sweet and I would like to arrange them in a sort of cluster all together in the dining room at some point. 
Here they be!

The last three are already hanging in my kitchen and they aren't included in the first picture.  Pretty cute, Eh?  :)


  1. I had the love and faith in my room as a little kid I would love to find them some where! I love your collections