Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to school shopping!

So, I suppose this is a bit of a fashion post.  I love fashion and I wish I could make my own clothes!!!  Why doesn't IUPUI offer a home-ec course!? 
Anywho, this fall I am really digging orange & brown, crocheted and embroidered details, shabby floral print, tights, knee-socks and of course, plaid!
This weekend Jacob and I are planning a bit of a getaway in Southern Indiana to do some thrifting and spend some quality time.  Nashville, IN is known for it's small specialty shops, and tons of arts & crafts.  Bloomington has tons of vintage & thrift stores.  Hopefully we can fulfill our back to school wishlist this weekend!

Here is a taste of what I am loving right now! 

Crocheted Knee Socks @ Free People
Jeffery Campbell clogs @Free People
Lace detail dress @Anthropologie
Slip dress @ Free People
Knee socks @Urban Outfitters
Boots @Yoox
Oxfords @ Ruche
Floral tights @
Floral dress @ Ruche
Plaid bellbottoms vintage Free People

Embroidered bag @Etsy
Floral dress @ Etsy

floral dress @ Etsy
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Monday, August 16, 2010

We live in a crazy world, and if you want to get through it with your body and soul even a little bit intact, you might as well be crazy yourself. It couldn't hurt. And it just might help. -Kinky Friedman, Kill Two Birds and Get Stoned.

images found at weheartit
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Vintage Finds!!!

Hello! So sorry for the lack of new posts......I lost my muchness for a bit.  :) Anywho, this past weekend there was an antique show at the fairgrounds in my town so I went & checked that out & did a bit of garage sale-ing. (clearly that's not a word. hmm...)  Here are some of my finds!

This gorgeous 1970's era apron, with the tags still attached!  wow. This came from the antique fair.  I love my collection of vintage aprons.  I'll have to share it with you sometime.

These all came from an estate sale.   I actually got to go inside the house and it was AMAZING! The walls were orange & avocado green plaid wallpaper and all the fixtures and curtains matched through the entire house.  There are 3 old hallmark books with the most adorable art inside and this cool macrame thingy with an owl bead. :)

Here is a look inside the books.  I adore them!  :)

Doilies! from a garage sale.  I also got a lace table cloth & curtains.  I'm really into "granny-chic" right now.

Oh my goodness, all this cute trim, lace seam binding, ric-rac & patches came from the estate sale.  I got all of it for $1. I can't sew but, someday.......

This sweet little baby deer framed photo.  It's huge & I don't know where to put it.  In the girls' room perhaps?  I felt like it would fit in with my woodland theme but, I'm not so sure now.....

I also got this art print by Ted Degrazia.  This one is not as big but I thought it was sweet.

Both pieces have the same frames but don't really belong together.  I really hope I can find them a good place to live in my home!

Last is this gorgeous turquoise & silver ring. I'm madly in love with it!  I never find rings that fit me, especially vintage ones :)

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random things I love.......

I'd like to share a few things that I think are beautiful and inspiring.
This magical upcycled apron-dress made from a cannon towel, lace, doilies, granny squares and other materials.

Eeek!  <3 <3 <3  It was MADE for me! Well, me 30 lbs. lighter.... :/  Found here on Etsy.  

Lace/Doily covered trees!!!  pretty!
 via tumblr.

This amazing bedspread!  <3
from Anthropologie. 

Patti Smith. She rocks! Nuff said.  

Yellow crocheted hotpants!?  Yes, please!

This gorgeous felt rug. I love the way bright colors look against a black background.
via Bldg 15 Blog.

Johnny Depp, because he's so dreamy.

This pretty wreath made of fabric scraps.

And granny square lampshades!  Actually I love granny squares no matter where they are.  I want to cover the world in granny squares <3

Hello!  Yesterday was my oldest daughter's 4th birthday and she requested a "smurf cake".  She said it had to be blue, with blue icing and it had to have Vanity Smurf and Brainy Smurf on it!  Now, I am definitely an amateur cake decorator but....I think it turned out ok!  :)
Check it out!
Here are my supplies: Duncan Hines white cake mix + blue food coloring, white icing + blue & green food coloring, 4 colored tubes of writing icing and 3 smurf figures & their accessories.
 So....the top of the cake got a little damaged when I flipped it over out of the pan which is why the top is not so smooth :*(  In my defense, it was 2 a.m. after I got off work when I was attempting all this.
Happy Smurfday Jazilyn!!!
 I was lucky enough to find these Smurf toys at Toys R us for about $10.  There's Brainy Smurf, Hefty murf and Vanity Smurf (her fave).
I also used the cardboard bird and mushroom that came from the toy packaging to decorate!  Pretty cute huh!?  :)
Even though my cake pan was not the prettiest nd the cake wasn't the greatest..... Jazzie loved it! Her birthday wish was that she could play with Vanity & Brainy Smurf right now :) lol!
Happy Birthday sweet baby!
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