Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to school shopping!

So, I suppose this is a bit of a fashion post.  I love fashion and I wish I could make my own clothes!!!  Why doesn't IUPUI offer a home-ec course!? 
Anywho, this fall I am really digging orange & brown, crocheted and embroidered details, shabby floral print, tights, knee-socks and of course, plaid!
This weekend Jacob and I are planning a bit of a getaway in Southern Indiana to do some thrifting and spend some quality time.  Nashville, IN is known for it's small specialty shops, and tons of arts & crafts.  Bloomington has tons of vintage & thrift stores.  Hopefully we can fulfill our back to school wishlist this weekend!

Here is a taste of what I am loving right now! 

Crocheted Knee Socks @ Free People
Jeffery Campbell clogs @Free People
Lace detail dress @Anthropologie
Slip dress @ Free People
Knee socks @Urban Outfitters
Boots @Yoox
Oxfords @ Ruche
Floral tights @
Floral dress @ Ruche
Plaid bellbottoms vintage Free People

Embroidered bag @Etsy
Floral dress @ Etsy

floral dress @ Etsy
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  1. Gasp! That bag! And I'd definitely love a great new pair of boots. Looks like I'm going to have to rob another bank! :P

    xo! Ash